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"Ark of Memories" - THESIS



The existence of the subject today as a consequence of yesterday, could be the meaning of the Ark of Memories series by visual artist Olga Soulahakis in one sentence. Visual artist Olga Soulahaki, through engravings rendered with the gravure method, reconstructs events of the past through images born from the recorded narration of her memories. Her compositions, autobiographical, a patchwork of persons, situations and events represent images that can easily refer to a dreamlike reality. Protagonists of the compositions are familiar faces, friends, relatives, people who grew up and interacted with her.
Olga initially records thoughts, memories and events from her life and then, while playing them from a sound machine, begins the design process. She does not follow rules, her writing is anarchic and confused and ends up in an image taken from the release of the unconscious, through what she dictated to herself from the tape recorder.

Thesis Collection

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