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MATI 23718

Imagine Heritage initiated, organized & executed a Culture Educational Green Project entitled “MATI 23718” with partners and donors at the GreenFundGreece & Municipality of Kifissia. The project was an educational contribution of our organism to schools of the Community,used the artworks and installation of Multidisciplinary Artist & Imagine's Heritage co-founder Olga Soulachaki as an interactive space for understanding and reflecting on the different levels of disaster that happened in Mati community.
Moreover, Imagine Heritage & GreenFundGreece organized a dialogue about the necessary policies for better civic protection of natural heritage today. The municipality of Kifissia (northern Athens region) initiated a common planning for running a Green Youth Educational Programme.
A series of wildfires in Greece, during the 2018 European heat wave, began in the coastal areas of Attica, at Mati in July 2018. 104+ people were confirmed dead from the Mati fires. The fires were the second-deadliest wildfire event in the 21st century.


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